WordPress.com Domain Mapping Service

The Domain Mapping Upgrade allows you to use a custom domain name, such as www.example.com, instead of a standard WordPress.com domain name 'like www.example.wordpress.com' for your website / blog.

If you already have registered a domain, mapping is a paid upgrade that costs $13.00 (approx £8.00) per domain, per year. This fee is unrelated to the amount you pay your registrar for your domain itself. You will need to remember to continue renewing your domain with your registrar even after you have mapped it to WordPress.com.

Domain name registration plus domain mapping costs $18.00 (approx £12.00), $13.00 for mapping, $5.00 for registration, per year, per domain. Use this option if you want to purchase a new domain from within your WordPress.com account.

- Your own domain name looks way better on your business cards.
- Use popular email providers to create a personalized email address (you@example.com)
- You can create subdomains mapped to different sites.
- Own your domain - your address won't change, even if you leave WordPress.com.

To get started go to the 'Store' area of your WordPress dashboard, just enter a domain name and follow the prompts!

Detailed Instructions - www.en.support.wordpress.com/domains/map-existing-domain